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Electronic Recycling

Our business provides high quality and cost competitive recycling services. We offer a safe way to dispose of old computers and properly recycle outdated systems without worrying that your company's data is being tossed into a dumpster unprotected. Experience peace of mind knowing that your most critical data is protected, and your company is adhering to environmental regulations for electronic equipment recycling.

Pick-Up services available for businesses.

E-Cycle Events

We offer a one day set aside to collect unwanted electronics from the community or facility where multiple offices or businesses are located. As a responsible recycler, we help you help your employees. PC Renewal LLC offers an "In house recycling event". This gives you, the business, an opportunity to allow employees to bring their acceptable electronic items from home to be recycled. Their items would be picked up the same day that your business items are scheduled to be picked up. More information will be provided at your request.

PC Renewal LLC is a federal and WV State vendor. Our company is registered in the federal SAM database and is in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the collection and disposal of electronics.

List of Acceptable Items for Electronic Recycling